Christian County Ambulance District & EMS

Christian County Ambulance District (CCAD) is an advanced life support (ALS) property tax based Ambulance District that services all of Christian County but the western portion (Clever/Billings areas) and services the northern portion of Stone County in the Highlandville Fire Protection District area.


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Area Served
562.65 square miles
Area Make-Up:
Suburban, industrial, rural and agricultural
Population Served:
85,432 (2017)
Governing Body:
Elected Board of Directors (6)
Calls Per Year:
8988 (2018)
Type of Service:
Emergency & Non-Emergency
12 ALS
6 Permanent Base Stations
EMS Dispatching
Cox EMS Dispatch – Springfield Missouri
Service Area:
All but the Western portion, panhandle of Christian County
Unique Characteristics of area:
-County is rectangle in shape with a “panhandle” for the western portion of the county. -Has been defined as one of the fastest growing counties in the state of Missouri. -Major highway thoroughfare to Branson & Arkansas. -Severe storms, flooding, periods of bitter cold and sweltering heat are common. -Located near the New Madrid earthquake fault.
Christian County Ambulance District & EMS

Contact info

PO Box 1537
Ozark, Missouri 65721

Phone: (417)581-3700


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